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"By week 7 and 8, the longer distance became easier to me and 6 miles didn’t seem so tough anymore. DKP has really helped me physically AND mentally in the start of this training process."

Cat W.

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"It has been a blessing working with DKP especially, his flexibility with phone calls and programming to work around my military lifestyle.  My gym numbers, run times, ruck times, and fitness assessment scores have never been this good."

Ryan C.

Smiling Young Woman

"I feel much better and much more informed about decisions I am making regarding my health, and that to me is the biggest benefit. I recommend Dan to anyone who has any interest at all in getting in better shape - whether it be nutritionally-focused, exercise-focused, or both."

Haley M.

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"With everything that has happened this year I knew that as an athlete I needed some stability in my training. Training with Dan has been nothing but an amazing experience, my strength and my conditioning have drastically increased which allowed me to show up at my training camp prepared and in the best shape of my life."

Louis C.

Portrait of Smiling Man

"He takes his client’s goals personal, and he wants you to reach every single one. He almost seemed happier than I was when I told him my time on the test. Please do not hesitate to pick this man for your goals, he will make them a reality. Thank you Dan."

Ryan M.

Smiling Young Woman

"Dan not only has helped me immensely with my nutrition and fitness goals, but also played a key factor in me being able to secure my first MMA title, the featherweight championship for Cage Titans Fighting Championships."

Shane D.


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