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Exercising at Home

Ryan M.

I am currently a full-time student. I sit at my computer an average of 14-hours per day. When I’m not at my computer, I am at the gym or just trying to decompress from the copious amount of work I have. Shortly after the new year, I received a call for a great employment opportunity. The only problem was, they had an entrance exam in almost exactly 30 days from the moment I received that call. On top of passing a written examination, I needed to complete a physical exam as well. The worst part, was I had to complete a 1.5 mile run in 11:58 or less. Failure to do so resulted in immediate disqualification. I workout pretty regularly, but I NEVER do cardio… Running sucks. I was honestly terrified, but I contacted Dan the next day, because I have known Dan a long time and he and our friend AJ taught me basically everything I know about physical fitness. I had seen Dan has been into running, so I trusted his judgment. 


I called him, told him the goal, and how long I had, and with no hesitation, Dan said, “no problem, you got this.” Two days later, Dan gave me a full running schedule and diet plan. It was not anything unmanageable and gradually built me up to where I needed to be. For the next four weeks, he had me running five times per week. Each run I noticed gradual improvement… Come test day, I ran the 1.5 mile in 10:43, ahead of everyone else in my running group. I honestly couldn’t believe that I had done it… I’m not an out of shape person, but I definitely suck at running… My recovery right after the run was even impressive, I honestly caught my breath and felt fully recovered no more than 5 minutes after the run. 

    I’m typically very hard on myself and do not give myself much credit, but after doing that, I felt extremely proud of myself. I was invited to continue further in the application process, and honestly would not have made it further if it weren’t for Dan helping me out. I would recommend Dan to anyone, beginners and even pros… I watched this man do his research for years, always trying to take his knowledge one step further. Now, I am an honest testimony that everything he has studied for has been put into good use. If you are looking to start running, or any form of exercising, do not hesitate to reach out to Dan… He will not make you feel like an amateur, he answers any and all questions you have, and will walk you through everything. Throughout the four weeks, he reached out to me at least once a week as well. He takes his client’s goals personal, and he wants you to reach every single one. He almost seemed happier than I was when I told him my time on the test. Please do not hesitate to pick this man for your goals, he will make them a reality. Thank you Dan.


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