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Exercising at Home

Ryan C.

My name is Ryan Carpino I am a junior here at the Virginia Military Institute and in Army ROTC. After growing up with Danny my whole life I began training with him and DKP in October 2020. I have now done the workout regime he built with me 4 times. I have never felt as good or looked as big as I am now.  It has been a blessing working with DKP especially, his flexibility with phone calls and programming to work around my military lifestyle.  My gym numbers, run times, ruck times, and fitness assessment scores have never been this good. I can truthfully say that I would not have gotten to the place I am today without Danny’s help.  Looking back on the past 6 months the work I have put in with his guidance has allowed me to accomplish my dream goals. I hope anyone reading this puts his trust in him as I did, because the results speak for themself.  My only regret is not working with DKP earlier.  Thank you, Danny (DKP) for enabling me and giving me the tools necessary to become the person I have always wanted to be.

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