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Exercising at Home

Louis C.

With everything that has happened this year I knew that as an athlete I needed some stability in my training. Training with Dan has been nothing but an amazing experience, my strength and my conditioning have drastically increased which allowed me to show up at my training camp prepared and in the best shape of my life. Now that the season has started being able to maintain all the progress made and keep on building myself as an athlete is an incredible difference maker.Even though my experience with Dan has been an online training journey, one thing that separates him from other coaches I have had in the past is that he is always available to provide advice, feedback and answer questions. His knowledge and experience have allowed me to receive sport specific training as well as great nutrition supervision which allowed me to develop my game on and off the ice. I have learned so much through this journey with Dan and I truly believe that anyone can benefit from his professionalism no matter what your goals are. Thanks to Dan Kenary Performance I was able do develop myself all around, get stronger, faster, leaner but also gain amazing knowledge.

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