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Exercising at Home

Haley M.

During the pandemic, I got so much time back in my day with working from home and things shutting down. I knew I wanted to take advantage of this time and work on my physical and mental health, so I reached out to Dan for help, not really knowing what I needed or wanted. I basically just wanted to build healthier habits - ones that could be sustained beyond a couple weeks or months. Dan worked with me from day 1 to create a customized nutrition plan and workout plan around my needs and preferences. I told him about past plans I had tried that I had not stuck with, and talked about where I thought my points of falling off were. He created a nutrition plan for me, specific to foods I eat. Throughout the plan, he was always open to my feedback and adapting it as we went. He also didn’t make me track calories or macros, but focused more on being aware of the amounts and types of foods I was consuming. He created a workout plan for me specific to my gym and the equipment I have access to. Whenever new movements or exercises were being introduced, Dan would FaceTime me to go over the correct form and make sure I understood correctly, so I would make sure I got the most out of the movements and not injure myself. It’s now been about 4 months since my official plan with Dan has ended, and I can honestly say he has helped me build lasting habits. I now do something active every day, and my grocery list has not changed since I started my plan with Dan. I feel much better and much more informed about decisions I am making regarding my health, and that to me is the biggest benefit. I recommend Dan to anyone who has any interest at all in getting in better shape - whether it be nutritionally-focused, exercise-focused, or both.

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