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Corporate Finance Guy Makes Key Investment: Himself

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I grew up an hour outside of Boston, Massachusetts. It was always an event for my family to go into the city whether it had been for an overnight, dinner, or a Red Sox game. Coming over one specific hill of the Mass Pike, there was a sense of excitement, a special moment for sure, a moment awaiting anxiously to see the Boston city lights in the distance. The Prudential Building as my North Star. The drive past Fenway PAHK on the right headed downtown or walking through the North End with the smell of fresh Italian bread, sauce, and pasta teasing my tastebuds, I knew living in the Boston would be a life-long goal. Since I was little (yet old enough to understand the Red Sox and Yankee rivalry), my expectations were high.

Same for my client, Chris. Chris, a young professional working in Boston for one of the Top Firms in the world and graduating from one of the most prestigious schools in the country, it’s easy to say he is a hard-working individual. Let’s not forget one of the most beautiful apartments I’ve ever been to downtown; yes, we did have a client/trainer dinner. I think it was chicken thighs, zucchini, and squash, if I remember correctly. Eating dinner, I remember looking out off the roof deck and just memorized by the view. The credentials, career, financial stability, and apartment; what can’t Chris do?

Many people aspire to be as driven as Chris, but there seemed to be one thing he couldn’t quite grasp. A struggle to sustain a healthier lifestyle. Chris reached out to me about getting back in shape. This inquiry meant putting his mental, physical, and mental health first, BEFORE his career. The most important takeaway from our first conversation was he needed to put himself and his health before anything. Especially, because so many commitments are pulling him in a thousand directions, it seemed impossible to him to make himself “the” priority.

Social obligations and corporate expectations, along with the need to be competitive with sustained quality of work, adequate sleep, travel, relationships (like remembering to call your mother), grocery shopping, exercising, family, where could there possibly be quality ‘Chris Time’?

Providing custom programs, especially with high performing individuals such as Chris, I knew the first thing we needed to tackle was making his fitness goals as effortless as possible. With so many important commitments in his life, setting small attainable goals on a DAILY and WEEKLY basis would enable confidence to increase and become sustained.

When it comes to goal setting, the following questions can guide you with aligning your commitment with your intentions:

- What does ‘success’ look like at the end of the week for me?

- Am I really doing this for me? Or someone else?

- I know situation ‘A’ will happen on Saturday, what can I do now to prepare for that?

One of the biggest challenges for Chris were social events after work, attending Notre Dame football games in South Bend, and going all like we all do on the weekend. The social events after work seemed to arguably just as important as meeting deadlines, at least in the corporate world. After a long day of crunching numbers, highlighting certain clauses, and waiting for clients to get back to him to move forward with his duties, a couple cocktails sound great. It’s even harder to avoid if the team is going out together. How could you say no? Although, I didn’t attend a large division I school, I knew that football was a necessity to sit down and watch, let alone attend the games. Environment was the main challenge standing in front of Chris and his goal to prioritize his health. Chris and I agreed that if he could prioritize his health, he would perform even better at work, and overall, just feel he had put himself first.

On our weekly calls, we would discuss which social event was happening after work and how to approach it. We knew there was going to be tasty food and alcohol. Fine. But there were strategies Chris could implement leading up any event to ensure he stuck to his goals as best as possible while truly enjoying the comradery of each other.

Tips that set Chris up for Success:

- 2 Days out from the event we would hydrate a bit more

- Move more

- Decrease calories about 300 calories, and consume more protein & fats for that ‘satiated’


- Ongoing communication touching base with each other

- Eat a bigger meal an hour before the event to go into the event feeling full which diminishes the feeling of ‘eating to eat

-Stick to the hard liquor and 0 calorie drinks vs. beer or wine

Throughout the weeks, multiple events, and weekends traveling to Notre Dame football games, Chris has truly come so far. Small habits that optimize his social life, yet balance to meet his fitness goals.

The Corporate Finance Guy continues to invest in himself and headed in the right direction.

Now, that challenges have been defined, strategies implemented, and rethinking food as ‘fuel’ and exercise as ‘movement’, Chris’s success is inevitable.

Congratulation’s Chris, Keep “rippin-it” my man..


Dan Kenary MS, CSCS

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