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DKP | A Beginners Guide on Periodization

- Free
- Understand and Implement Basic Periodization Principles 

The DKP Beginners Guide on Periodization will give you a logical and systematic process sequencing and integrating training interventions in order to achieve peak performance at appropriate time periods.


DKP | Sleeve Filler

- $30
- 4 Weeks of Custom Strength & Volume Training to Fill Your Sleeves

The DKP Sleeve Filler is intended to provide you the guidance in your quest to attain the largest, strongest arms you'll ever have. 30 different arm workouts to give you a foundation that you can manipulate to fill the sleeves time and time again.

DDD Cover.png

Dump Truck December

30 Days of Booty Development

Sleeve Filler
HIIT Training Cover.png


- 28 Days of HIIT

The DKP HIIT Program was developed to understand what HIIT is and why it's important

DKP 4 Week Cover.png

DKP | 4 Week Cut

- $30
- Strength Training
- Custom Calories
- Conditioning

The DKP 4 Week Cut Program is intended to provide you the opportunity to shed weight, increase lean tissue, and find a nutrition protocol that works for you. The program is prescribed to help you shed the weight at an increased pace, SAFELY.

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