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DKP Private Training

Before investing your hard earned money into yourself and my personalized services, I want to make sure I'm a great fit for you.

The following are some things I would like to clarify..

Can we both agree?

Your Health is


the Top Priority

It's impossible to do what you want in life, if you're not healthy. Simple as that.

Never too late


to empower


You're already taking the right step to investing in yourself. There will never be an optimal time to clean up your diet, training, mindset. Making life work for you, not the other way around.

This is an


Investment, not


a cost

Besides your own personal accountability, financial accountability comes in a close second. You may be surprised at the investment price, but DKP is more than sending 'motivational quotes' every morning, it's about doing anything II can, to get you to your end result.

Life-long independence of health.





Humans crave the rush of dopamine. Dopamine gets released when humans feel a sense of success and accomplishment.

Setting daily/weekly goals that are too attainable to reach, will ensure we establish confidence in small steps forward.



now, for




life-long habits

Effort. This is going to take effort.

I am here to provide strategies to balance life's fun moments, but there will be points in which saying 'no' is simply your only option.

I am more than happy to refer your to another coach, if I feel we may not be a great fit for each other!
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