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The Basics Work & Haven't Changed

My proven method to achieve consistency for life:

- View Food as Fuel

- View Exercise as Movement

- Understanding the 'WHY' and 'HOW' behind your custom program

- Schedule Management = Stress / Time Management

- Empower you with the knowledge to become independent in reaching your desired health goals


Hi! My name is Dan Kenary, the founder of DKP. I have found in my 8+ years as a personal trainer and strength coach, the most imperative first step in working with my clients, is to find 'why' they cannot reach/sustain their most desired health goals.

Tasty food, alcohol, social events, and other life's fun moments enter our lives on a daily basis. I find purpose in empowering my clients with strategies navigate and balance life's fun moments while staying on track with their health.


The success of the DKP Method begins with recognizing what my clients' most challenging overall health issues are, and how to address each one, in a personalized program to empower them for the rest of their life.

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